Get Started with Integration for Securing Amazon Web Services with Qualys

Welcome to Qualys Cloud Platform and security scanning!

With Qualys Cloud Platform, you get a single view of your security and compliance in real-time. If you are new to Qualys, we recommend you visit the Qualys Cloud Platform web page to learn more about our cloud platform.


Qualys Support for AWS

Qualys AWS Cloud support provides the following features:


  • Secure EC2 Instances (IaaS) from vulnerabilities and check for regulatory compliance on OS and Applications (Database,
  • Gain continuous security using Cloud Agents and embed them into AMIs to get complete visibility
  • Identify vulnerabilities for public-facing IPs and URLs
  • Secure Applications using Application Scanning and Firewall solutions
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Supports all AWS global regions, including GovCloud
  • Supports EC2 instances in Classic and VPC platform
  • Qualys Cloud Agents certified to work in EC2

Qualys Sensors

Qualys sensors, a core service of the Qualys Cloud Platform, make extending your security throughout your global enterprise easy. These sensors are remotely deployable, centrally managed, and self-updating. They collect the data and automatically beam it up to the Qualys Cloud Platform, which has the computing power to continuously analyze and correlate the information to help you identify threats and eliminate vulnerabilities.


These options must be enabled for your Qualys user account.

  • Qualys Applications: Vulnerability Management (VM/VMDR), Policy Compliance (PC) or Security Configuration Assessment (SCA), Cloud Agent (CA), Web Application Scanning (WAS), Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • The Qualys Amazon AWS EC2 Scanning option must be turned ON. Contact your Qualys Sales representative (TAM) or Support if it is unavailable.
  • Qualys Sensors: Virtual Scanner Appliances, Cloud Agents, as desired
  • Manager or Unit Manager role

Easy Get Starting Steps 

You might already know about Qualys Cloud Suite, its features, and its user interface.

Quick Steps: Securing AWS

Here is the user flow for securing AWS EC2 using Qualys.


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