Get Started with Qualys Cloud Platform

As a unified architecture that powers more than 15 Qualys security and compliance Cloud Apps, the Qualys Cloud Platform offers you a streamlined solution for avoiding the cost and complexities of managing multiple security vendors. By automatically gathering and analyzing security and compliance data from IT assets anywhere in one single-pane view, the Qualys Cloud Platform gives you the scalability, visibility, accuracy, and breadth of capabilities to fight cyber-attacks and build security into your digital transformation initiatives.

If you are new to Qualys, we recommend you visit the Qualys Cloud Platform web page to learn more about our cloud platform.


Qualys Integration with Google Cloud Security Command Center

You can now integrate Qualys Cloud Platform with the Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC) for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a security and data risk platform helping enterprises to gather data, identify threats, and act on them before they result in business damage or loss.

Cloud SCC provides security teams a single pane for security features, policies, and insights across GCP. Qualys' integration expands on existing data within the Cloud SCC by adding vulnerability management and threat data for compute engine instances within a GCP project.

This capability gives user visibility of Qualys data within Cloud SCC. It allows DevOps and security teams to protect their workloads by gaining full visibility of vulnerability and threat posture at a glance. Users can further drill down to find details and actionable intelligence for every identified vulnerability. User can navigate with a single click back to their Qualys subscription for additional reports and threat intelligence.

Customers can access Qualys-generated vulnerability and threat posture data within Cloud SCC by deploying Qualys' lightweight Cloud Agents on workload images. This step either bakes the agent within the image or automatically deploys the agent on the compute engine instance.