Your Dashboard

Your dashboard provides a quick one-page summary of your malware scan results, showing the total number of sites with detections and the total number of detections across all sites in your account. The dashboard is based on the most recent scan results and we update it automatically as new scan results become available. Here you can launch a scan, add a site and view details of recent and upcoming scans.

Tell me about Detection Trend

This graph displays the number of detections by all of scans over the last 7 days or 14 days. Mouse-over any day on the graph to see the number of detections by severity level: High (red), Medium (orange) and Low (yellow). Learn more

Note that this graph includes the sum of all detections by all scans completed on each day. That means if you scan the same site more than once in the same day and the same detections are made, detections will be counted more than once.

Sites with Detections

These are the sites in your account with malware detections. Click the site title to view the Detections page filtered for the that site's detections.