Scan Settings

Scan settings can be defined for a new malware scan of an entire site to be run on-demand.


Scan Title

A scan title is provided and you can enter a custom title.


Site Title

Select the site you want to scan for malware.


Site URL

The URL defined for the site to be scanned.

Scan Options

Maximum Pages

The maximum number of pages the web crawler will scan for malware.

Go to Account Information to see the maximum pages allowed for your account. Click the About link at the bottom of the screen, and then go to Malware Detection.

Scan Intensity

The scan intensity level to be used by the scanning engine. Each level represents multiple settings including the maximum number of processes used to scan a single host and packet delay.

High- Scan performance is optimized for maximum bandwidth usage resulting in the fastest possible scan time. As compared to the other levels, more crawling and testing requests are run in parallel and the delay between requests sent to the web application is shorter. Scans at a High performance level may be faster to complete but may overload your network, web server or database. This scan can potentially make your site unavailable during the scan.

Medium - Scan performance is optimized for medium bandwidth usage.

Low - Scan performance is optimized for low bandwidth usage. This level is the recommended setting.