Creating Custom Assessment Profiles [Optional]

By default, your cloud agents scan for patches (missing and installed) at a specific interval, as defined in the default Assessment Profile.

Note: Currently, Assessment Profiles are supported only for Windows and Mac assets and not for Linux assets.

What is the default assessment profile?  

At first, a default assessment profile is applied to all agents (Windows and Mac), which scans the assets at an interval of 24 hours for free subscription and 4 hours for trial/paid subscription.

Add a custom assessment profile if you want to override the default interval

Go to Configuration > Profiles Create Profile. Provide a profile name, select asset tags to apply this custom profile to, and then select the scan interval (minimum 24 hours for free subscription and 4 hours for trial/paid subscription). Multiple assessment profiles can be created with different intervals.

Note: Only admin and manager users can create/modify/delete the assessment profiles. Other users can only view assessment profiles. Admin users are those who have either "Allow user full permissions and scope" or "Allow user view access to all objects" permission set in their user profile in the Qualys Administration app.

Scan interval of less than 24 hours will be automatically changed to an interval of 24 hours when a Paid or Trial subscription expires, and the app gets converted into a free version.

Good to Know - Asset tags once applied to one custom profile, cannot be applied to another custom profile. When you select an asset tag, corresponding child tags get automatically selected.

Assessment Profile Settings