Managing Patch Jobs for Mac Assets

You can deploy jobs to install patches that are missing or remediate any identified vulnerabilities. Based on your preference, you can deploy a patch job from any of the following tabs:

 - Jobs

 - Assets

 - Patches

The difference between the two options is when creating a job from the Jobs tab, you select the assets while creating the job, whereas when creating a job from the Assets tab, you select the Assets first and then create a deployment job to deploy patches on those assets. The assets are pre-populated for the job when creating a deployment job from the Assets tab.

Note: The job title for each job must be unique. You cannot have the same job title as a Linux or Windows job. For example, if a Linux job titled Security Patches is created, you cannot have a Mac job titled Security Patches.

About Zero-Touch Patch Jobs

All QQL-based recurring jobs are known as the Zero-Touch Patch jobs. All zero-touch patch jobs are denoted with the zero-touch icon Zero-Touch Icon

The Zero-Touch Patch Job option allows you to create an automated job to patch current and future Mac vulnerabilities. 

Zero Patch Job for Mac

Want to create patch jobs for Mac assets?

See Creating Patch Job for Mac Assets