Generating Job Progress Reports

You can generate the job progress report for Windows and Linux jobs. The details about the installed and failed patches are included in the report, but the skipped patches details are not included in the report.

Complete the following steps:

1.  Go to the Jobs tab, click the Windows or Linux tab based on the report you want to generate, and then click View Progress from the Quick Actions menu of the job.

2.  Click the Download download icon.  icon from the "Jobs Progress" page, and then click Generate Report


-  If your four reports are in the "Generating" or "Queued" state, you cannot generate the fifth report. 

-  If you apply a filter from the "Job Progress" page and the report is in the "Generating" or "Queued" state, you cannot generate the same report again.

Generate report.

Generate Report pop-up message is shown.

3. Click the highlighted check box if you want to include the pre-actions and post-actions in the report, and click Generate.

Generate report pop up.

4. The Report Generation message mentions the report format, which is CSV.

Note: You can click the Report List link from the screen capture to see the report's status.

report generation message.

Alternatively, click View Report Status to see the status of the report.

You are navigated to the "Report Download Request Status" page.

5. Click the Download icon from the Actions column, and download the report. Note that the Download icon from the Actions column is enabled only if the report's status is "Ready". The possible report statuses are "Generating", "Queued", "Ready", "Failed", and "Unknown".

A list of only ten reports is shown on the "Report Download Request Status" page. The report is shown in the list and available for download only seven days from the report generation date.

Download report with Ready status.

The report is downloaded as a zip file. After you extract the zip file, you can see the report in CSV format.