Release 2.11

May 27, 2024 (Updated on June 27, 2024)

What's New?

Patch Installation Date Details

You can view the installation date and time of patches installed on Windows, Linux, and Mac assets. The patch installation date and time are shown according to your browser (user profile) timezone and the UTC timezone. 

Important to Know!

The patch installation date is shown only when the following cloud agent versions are installed:

  • Windows platform: Agent version 5.6 or later
  • Linux platform: Agent version 6.4 or later
  • Mac platform: Agent versions Intel 6.1.0 or later and ARM 6.2.0 or later

Patch Install date and Cloud Agent dependency.

API Enhancements

The job progress report now includes the "PATCH_INSTALL_DATE" column, which provides the patch installation date. This addition offers valuable insight into the specific dates of patch installations, enabling more comprehensive tracking and analysis of the process. For more information, see PM 2.11 API Release Notes.

New column - Patch Install Date.

Issues Addressed

See the summary of customer CRMs fixed in this release.

Component/Category Description

PM - Job Windows

We fixed the issue where the job completion email notification was not sent for the job, consisting of assets with the FAILED status.


We fixed the issue of user scoping not being applied to Windows Failed patch installs and Windows patches by status dashboard widgets.

PM - Job Windows

We fixed the discrepancy in the number of patches fetched by child jobs from the linked jobs, irrespective of the asset count in the child jobs.

PM - Job Windows

We fixed the issue where, for some of the QQL-based jobs, the incorrect patches were resolved and sent in the job manifest.


We fixed the issue where, at times, a discrepancy was observed between the count of skipped patches shown on the Job Progress page and the actually skipped patches listed on the Patches for a Job page.


We fixed the issue where the deployment job was not sent to some of the assets from the linked job. 


We fixed an issue where users couldn't add or remove tags from the deployment jobs due to insufficient tagging permissions. Now, irrespective of tagging permissions, users can add or remove tags that are in the user scope from the deployment job.