Release 2.9

March 08, 2024

What's New?

Enhancements to Request for Credential Section for Mac Deployment Jobs

With the release, the following enhancements are made to the Request for Credentials section from step 7/9 of Mac job creation.

  • When the Mac ARM OS update will be pushed to the user's machine, a message will be shown about entering credentials to start with the OS update. 
  • The Save User Credentials checkbox is introduced, which is selected by default.
    • When the checkbox is selected, the user credentials will be saved and used for all the runs of the current job being created and for other jobs where this checkbox is selected.
    • When the check box is cleared, the user credentials will not be saved, and the user will be required to enter the credentials for every Mac ARM OS update.
    If you clone the job, revisit the Save User Credentials setting to decide whether to save the credentials. 

 The expected behavior of saving user credentials for Mac ARM OS updates will work only if you have the Agent binary version 5.5.0.x or later.

Save User Credentials.

Issues Addressed

See the summary of customer CRMs fixed in this release.

Component/Category Description
PM - Job Results Windows There was a discrepancy between the job completion emails received and the actual job completion. As a fix, the job completion email will now be sent after the job is sent to all agents, considering all agent timezones, and after the job completion criterion is met.

 When this gets implemented, the email notifications might get impacted for that day.

PM - Job Windows The issue regarding a Windows patch job was not successfully executed on some of the assets, and a "Pending" status was shown for a long time.
PM - Job Windows The issue is fixed for the Change Registry Key pre and post-action where the forward slash was not supported in the key name, though it's part of a valid key.
PM - UI The Select Assets screen for Job create, edit, and clone is enhanced and now mentions that "Only the tags that are in your scope are shown". As a result, you get a clear idea that you won't be able to add or remove tags for any of the job actions mentioned earlier for tags not in your scope.