Release 3.18.1

July 12, 2024

What's New?

Cloud Agent

Support to Reset Custom Logo and Custom Title

With this release, Qualys Cloud Agent allows you to reset the custom logo and custom title. Earlier, you could only update them once and had no option to reset them.

When you remove the custom logo and custom title for a Cloud Agent, it resets to the default logo and default title.

Click Delete Profile to reset the custom logo and custom title.

Upload Custom Logo screen.

AV pill


Migrate Qualys AssetView Dashboards to Unified Dashboard

As Qualys AssetView (AV) application will soon become obsolete, we recommend you migrate its dashboards to the Qualys Unified Dashboard (UD) application.

Migrating Dashboard from AssetView Application

From the Actions drop-down menu, click Migrate Dashboards to UD as shown in the following screenshot:

Upon successful dashboard migration, you are notified via a message at the top of the screen in the AssetView application. The migrated dashboards can be accessed and reviewed from the Unified Dashboard application.

Contact Qualys Support for any assistance. 

Web Application Scanning 

Enhanced Web Application and Scan Reports Links in the Email 

With this release, the web application and scan report links received in the scan summary email open in the new WAS user interface even if the user is using the legacy WAS UI. 

For example, the scan report opened in the Online Reports tab in WAS new UI:

Online Reports tab displays scan report

Issues Addressed

The following reported and notable issues have been fixed with this release.

Category/Component Application Description
Cloud Agent UI Cloud Agent We fixed an issue where users could not update the network for an activation key by correcting the Network-ID mapping for the Cloud Agent.
Cloud Agent-API Cloud Agent For the VMDR/PC scheduled and ad-hoc scans, users were getting invalid IP range errors. We fixed this issue by upgrading IPs for IPv6 compatibility.
Impacted API - POST: /qps/rest/1.0/update/ca/agentconfig/
Cloud Agent UI Cloud Agent When the Cloud Agent service restarted, it used an invalid cache and displayed the illegal state exception error. We fixed this issue by fixing the exception for invalid cache use.
Cloud Agent UI Cloud Agent We resolved an issue where using vulnerability tokens in QQL search queries displayed a list of agents for which the Vulnerability Management application was deactivated.
Portal CSAM If a user creates a tag with the same name as a system tag, he cannot delete it. Therefore, we have added a restriction on creating a tag with the same name as a System Tag. 
Portal VM Users were getting invalid IP range errors for the VMDR/PC scheduled and ad-hoc scans. We fixed this issue by upgrading IPs for IPv6 compatibility.
Portal CSAM We fixed an issue where the applied tag set was getting removed from the profile when users tried to add another tag or edit the profile.
Portal CSAM We fixed an issue where if a sub-user moved the child tag of a sub-user-created tag to root, the child tag was getting added to the scope of the user.
Portal CSAM The Trending Widget in the CSAM Dashboard did not support QQL tokens to display trending data. We fixed this issue by adding QQL Token support for the Trending Widget. 
SAQ UI SAQ When users downloaded a Single Instance Report or Aggregate Template Report in PDF format, they could not open the file and received an error message, 'We can't open this file.'
Users encountered this issue because the report included the Responders and Reviewers graph. We have addressed this issue by removing graphs from the Report Summary section in the PDF format due to their dependency on an old legacy feature that we no longer support.
WAS API Web Application Scanning  We have fixed the pagination issue for the search scans API, where the response returned hasMoreRecords=False even when there are more records to be retrieved.
Impacted API - POST: <API server name>/qps/rest/3.0/search/was/wasscan/