Logs for Troubleshooting

The Qualys support team collects the appliance logs for debugging purposes that are needed for troubleshooting. The logs only contain metadata for the appliance.

The data can be collected only if you have selected Enable Qualys to collect support logs for troubleshooting in the General settings of the Sensor details page.

The log data is collected from Appliance logs and Database available in the appliance.

Appliance Logs

Appliance logs are available in Live Logs or Recent Log File.

To view the appliance logs, log in to your ESXi Server.

  1. Select the scanner from Virtual Machines and then navigate to the Console > Open browser console.
  2. From Configuration > Diagnostic > Appliance Diagnostics > Display Log File.
  3. Choose your Live logs or Recent Logs.


The database on the appliance contains: