Release 1.10

February 01, 2024

What's New?

With this release, we have introduced two General Nodes:

General Nodes.

You can access these nodes from the Editor tab.

Loop Node

The Loop node executes the defined process. It evaluates the exit expression or number of loops before determining to run again or move to the next node. This Loop node runs the defined process at least once, regardless of previous activities. You can select the number of loops from 1 and 10, which means you can loop the QFlow up to 10 times. You can add the delays between the loops. You can configure the delays between the loops up to 1000 Seconds.

 Currently, the use of nested loop nodes is not supported.

Large HTTP Node

With this release, we have introduced a new Large HTTP node. We have enhanced the existing HTTP node to handle large amounts of data. The Large HTTP node allows you to integrate the third-party application with an HTTP endpoint. The new Large HTTP node is similar to the existing HTTP node, except Large HTTP can be used to call APIs that return a large amount of data.