Release 1.11

May 10, 2024

What's New?

Qualys Flow 1.11 brings an addition of two new nodes to carry out important security orchestration for cloud security.

To enable these features for your subscription, raise a customer support case.

Command Line Interface (CLI) Node (Beta)

We have introduced the AWS CLI node. This node works similarly to the AWS CLI tool and can be used to execute CLI commands from within a QFlow. This gives you the flexibility to directly call AWS API using CLI commands. The output of the CLI node can be used in the QFlow.

For instance, run the command aws ec2 describe-instances for AWS CLI.

Parallel Node for Banching (Beta)

With the help of Parallel Node, you can create QFlows that incorporate branching. The new Parallel Node allows multiple sets of steps to be executed at the same time by placing them in parallel branches. 

Parallel branches are helpful if you need QFlow to perform multiple independent operations in parallel. This can also help in reducing the total execution time of large QFlows where independent operations need to be performed.

This QFlow retrieves AWS EC2 instances and performs operations on them. As shown in the screenshot, it contains a Parallel Node that branches the main QFlow into multiple smaller QFlows , which get executed parallelly. These smaller QFlows performs the following actions

  • Perform the action using AWS Action node.
  • Filter the instances based on criteria defined in the Filter node.
  • Fetch data from API endpoints using HTTP node.

The output of the Parallel Join node provides the collective data from all three parallel branches.

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