Using SaaSDR with Zoom

Zoom is a leading SaaS application that helps organizations stay connected via calls, meetings, and chat. When using SaaSDR to monitor Zoom, SaaSDR focuses on the meetings conducted over Zoom and their recordings. SaaSDR monitors each recording and their shared status.

If you have a Zoom connector configured, you can view all your Zoom users on the Directory > Users tab. You can select Zoom from the Connector Type filter on the left to focus on your Zoom users.

Classifying Meetings from Zoom

With Qualys SaaSDR, you can view the details of each Zoom user and the meetings/webinars they have recorded. For each recording, you can also view if the recording has been shared internally, externally, or has not been shared at all. Click a user and then click the Recordings option on the left to view the recordings by the user. The Exposure Type column tells you if the recording has been shared. Possible values of Exposure Type are:

- None - The recording has not been shared with anyone.

- Internal - The recording has been shared only with internal domain users.

- Public - Anyone with a link to the recording can access it.

The Recording Type column also tells you what the recording contains:

- Audio Only

- Shared Screen

Qualys SaaSDR also allows you to view this information from a meetings point of view. Navigate to the Resources > Meetings tab to view all the meetings that have recordings. Each meeting contains details of the participants attending the meeting and the recordings present for the meeting. Click a meeting and then use the Participants tab or the Recordings tab from the left to view the meeting participants or recordings respectively.

Note: A meeting could have multiple recordings. Each recording session accounts for an individual recording.