You might need to re-authenticate to the SaaS applications in the following scenarios:

- When you upgrade to a new version of SaaSDR and could not find the existing connector on the application UI.

- A new scope is added.

- Change in the password of SaaS login that was used to create a connector.

If you do not see existing Connector after upgrading the application version:

1) Navigate to Configuration > Connectors tab and select the connector you want to re-authenticate.

2) Go to Actions drop-down menu and click Re-Authenticate

Note: Re-Authenticate option will be enabled for connectors in any state except Pending state.

You can select only one connector at a time.


You will be re-directed to the login screen of the corresponding SaaS application.

3) Enter the credentials and click Re-Authenticate.

Once re-authentication is attempted:

-  if it fails, status column will show Error with "Authentication Failure".

- if it succeeds, Sync will be kicked off and the newly authorized connector will be available on the application UI.