View Meetings

The Meetings tab lists all the meetings and webinars conducted via applications like Zoom. Note that the tab lists only those meetings that have at least one recording. Meetings that do not have recordings are not captured by SaaSDR.

Note: Qualys SaaSDR does not list on-going meetings or meetings scheduled for the future. For SaaSDR to list a meeting, the meeting must be concluded and must have at least one cloud recording.

Click a meeting to view the meeting details.

For each meeting, Qualys SaaSDR collects the following information:

- Participants: Click a meeting and then click the Participants tab on the left to view the participants of the meeting. Participants are classified as Internal or External depending on the participants email address.

participant details

- Recordings: Click a meeting and then click the Recordings tab on the left to view the meeting's recordings. For each recording, you can view it's type, file format, and the exposure type. Exposure Type is kept as Public when all the user have access to that recording. Exposure Type is kept as Private when all the participants of the meeting are private. Exposure Type is kept as Internal when all the participants of the meeting are internal users of the application.
Recording type are classified as Shared screen and Audio only. If the screen was recorded during the meeting then it appears as Shared screen recording. If only the audio that is, only the discussion was recorded then it appears as Audio only under the Recording Type column.

recording details

Note: A meeting can have multiple recordings. Each recording session accounts for an individual recording.

- User Access: User access can be Internal or External, depending upon the classification of the users involved in the meeting.

If the meeting is strictly set for internal users, the User Access column displays Internal.

meeting type

- Meeting Type: Meeting are classified as Instant, Recurring, or Scheduled, based on the occurrence and their type. The Type column displays the type of the meeting.

type of meeting