Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance in Alibaba Cloud

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This document describes briefly how to deploy the Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance in Alibaba Cloud from the Alibaba Marketplace. Once deployed, this scanner can function as a standard Virtual Scanner and scan based on IP address or CIDR block.


Before you begin, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • You need an active Qualys subscription.
    The Virtual Scanner option must be turned on for your account. If this option is not enabled, contact Qualys Support or your Technical Account Manager (TAM).
  • Your Qualys account must have a Manager or a sub-user role with the Manage virtual scanner appliances permission.
    This permission may be granted to Unit Managers. Your subscription may be configured to allow this permission to be granted to Scanners.
  • You need a scanner personalization code (14 digits) obtained from your Qualys account. 
  • Your Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance must have access to the Qualys Cloud Platform via HTTPS on port 443.


  • The following features are not supported and are disabled in all cloud (private and public) platforms:

    • WAN/Split Network Settings
      The scanner user interface does not support a WAN Interface option for configuring split network settings. It supports LAN/single network settings, which enable the scanner to perform scans and connect to Qualys servers.
    • IPV6 ON LAN 

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Deployment of Qualys Virtual Scanner in Alibaba Cloud