Get Started with Qualys Containerized Scanner Appliance

Qualys Containerized Scanner Appliance(QCSA) offers the deployment of a Qualys scanner appliance as a container. You can create multiple Containerized Scanners (CS) with the QCSA Docker Image and a Qualys subscription plan. QCSA retains Docker benefits such as faster node creation, bootup, and efficient memory management. QCSA supports the same scanning capabilities as the Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliances.

QCSA Features 

The QCSA offers following features:

  • Supports scanning for Vulnerability Management (VM), Policy Compliance (PC), MAP Scans.
  • Scan status and reports for supported scan types are accessible from the Qualys Cloud Platform.
  • Supports proxy configuration.
  • Supports host networking.
  • Allows creating multiple containerized scanners on one Docker Host, as long as the total resources allocated to the containerized scanner are within the Docker Host's resource limit. 

     Avoid overcommitting resources, as it can cause the container or host to malfunction. For example, if you overcommit swap, insufficient swap space on the host may result in the guest operating systems being forcibly shut down, rendering them inoperable.

Quick Start Steps

Using the following steps, start quickly with Qualys Containerized Scanner (CS):

  1. Create a Qualys Containerized Scanner.
  2. Clean up unused Docker objects using Docker Host Maintenance.