Supported Virtualization Platforms for Qualys Scanner Appliances 

All distributions offer complete Qualys scanning functionality to support Qualys Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance, and Web Application Scanning.

Customers are not restricted only to these platforms when deploying the virtual scanner appliance, and the Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance can be reasonably expected to function on other similar versions and platforms. Customers are also free to perform conversions to other packaging and virtual hard drive formats (for example, qcow, raw). Qualys can only provide full support for platforms and versions that have undergone our qualification process and are available for testing in our labs.

If you wish to request full qualification of a virtualization or cloud platform not listed here, notify your Qualys Technical Account Manager (TAM) or  Qualys Support so that they can register this request with Qualys Product Management.


The Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance is available in various distributions for different virtualization platforms. However, it is sold as a single product with a single SKU. Each license purchased allows the user to have one active Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance.

The Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance serves as an extension to the customer's existing solution subscriptions on the Qualys Cloud Platform. It is not a standalone solution. With the same license, customers can choose to delete any instance of the Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance at any time and install another instance of any distribution in its place, or in a completely different location.

At present, Qualys Scanner Appliance does not support ARM-based infrastructure, such as Apple products with M1 and M2 chipsets.

To learn about configurable resources, refer to the Resources Configuration section.

Available Distributions

Following is the list of distribution packages along with the target platforms

Distribution Package

Target Platforms


File/Package Type


File Location


  • VMware vCenter Server versions up to 8.0*
  • VMware ESXi versions up to 8.0*
  • VMware Workstation versions up to 15* 
  • VMware Workstation Player versions up to 15*
  • VMware Fusion versions up to 11*

OVA with VMDK virtual disk format  

Download from Qualys UI


OpenStack versions up to Wallaby*

GZ with VHD virtual disk format

Download from Qualys UI

VMware vApp

VMware vCenter Server versions up to 8.0*

VMware vApp OVA with VMDK virtual disk format  

Download from Qualys UI

Microsoft Hyper-V

Hyper-V Manager on Windows Server versions up to 2022*

ZIP with VHDX virtual disk format

Download from Qualys UI

Amazon HVM Machine Image

Amazon EC2 VPC


Microsoft Azure Marketplace Image

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform


Google Compute Cloud Image

Google Cloud Platform

Google Compute Engine Image

Oracle Cloud Marketplace Image


Oracle Cloud Compute Image

Alibaba Cloud Marketplace Image

Alibaba Cloud Platform

Alibaba Cloud Image

*EOL versions are not supported.

Download from Qualys UI

To download the file or package type, log in to the Qualys Cloud Platform and choose an application  (either Vulnerability Management (VM) or Policy Compliance (PC)), depending on your requirements. 

Navigate to Scans > Appliances and select New > Virtual Scanner Appliance. Choose the Download Image Only option, and select the distribution package you want to download.

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