Filter a Dashboard using Tags

The Integrate Tag Tree with the Tag filter on Dashboard filters dashboard widget count based on the tags associated with assets. Using the Tag selector Tag selector., you can filter dashboard widgets based on the selected tags. You can choose one of two options:

To tag a dashboard, perform the following steps from the Dashboards tab:

  1. Click the Tag selector Tag selector. The tag tree displays recent and favorite tags and all tags in your account.
  2. Select the tags from Recent & Favorites or All Tags. Using the Search Tags field, you can type the tag name and select the tag. Parent and Child tags are selected individually.
  3. Selected tags are listed in the Selected Tags section.
    Optionally, you can toggle Keep Selection Persistent to enable the tag selection persistently.

    All the tags in the Selected Tags section persist even after you refresh the dashboard or log out from the account. This option also includes Any and All tags. You can remove the tags while this option is enabled. You can use the Keep Selection Persistent toggle if you have Dashboard Permissions.

  4. Click Apply. The applied tags are displayed on the Tag tree.

    Tag tree.

  5. To remove the selected tags click Reset and click Apply.

    Reset button in Tag tree.



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