Version History

The Version History option restores up to 10 dashboard versions. It displays the username, date, and time when the changes were last implemented on the dashboard by the user. You need to edit and save your dashboard, to view the version history of that dashboard. 

Note: A dashboard version is not created if you save a dashboard without modifying any changes.

A dashboard version is created in the following scenarios: 

- change in dashboard name and description

- change in dashboard layout

- update in tags

You cannot restore the dashboard version in the following scenarios:-

- if you are not the owner of the dashboard.

- if a sub-user does not have permission to restore the dashboard.

Perform the following steps to restore a dashboard using Version History:

1. From the Dashboard tab, click the Tools Tools menu menu and click Version History

Version History option

2. Click the dashboard version you want to restore.

A dashboard preview is displayed while you select between the dashboard versions. The dashboard preview lets you differentiate and identify the changes done in each version. 

3. Click Restore.

Restore Option in Version History

4. Click Yes to restore the dashboard version.

Yes or No option to Restore the Version

The following example notification confirms the selected dashboard version is restored. 

Dashboard restored successfully notification