Trending in Unified Dashboard

The Trending toggle lets you view the data trend of the inputs you provide in your query. This toggle is only available for the Count and Ratio function type of the Numerical widget. You can view the Trending data of a single query or multiple queries.

Trending data for multiple queries

The Trendline Color Mapping section allows you to change the color of the trendline. Click on the displayed color to view the options from the Color Picker. 

Trending is available for CSAM, EDR, TP, and VM applications.

Trending colour change

Adding Tags in Widgets to enable Trending

The Trending chart is not enabled if you add tags from the dashboard to an existing widget. Perform the following steps to add tags to view trending on the dashboard for a new or an existing Count or Ratio widget :

1. On the dashboard, click the Add Widget button. The widget library is displayed.

1.1 To enable Trending in an existing count or average widget, click Search Action Menuand select Edit. Go to Step 6. 

2. Click Build your widget.

3. On the right panel, select the Numerical widget.

4. On the left pane, select Vulnerability Management application.

5. Provide the details in the Widget Details and Query Settings

6. In the Query Settings, along with the Asset or Vulnerability query, add the tag query to filter the search results. 

7. In the Advance Settings, toggle Trending. The Trending chart appears on the right pane of the screen.

Enabling trending in advanced settings

8. Click Save or Add to Dashboard

The following example displays Trending enabled using QQL for the Count function type:

Widget having trending enabled added to dashboard

Note: If a tag is applied to an existing trending widget from the Tag selector Tag selector., the trending widget will appear as the count widget. Following is an example of the existing trending widget changing into a count widget: