Host List Detection - Normalized Data

Qualys normalizes the vulnerability scan results into the database using a complex and sophisticated process. This mechanism generates what is called the vulnerability “host based”scan results. Normalized data brings a lot of value to customers because they provide the latest complete vulnerability status for the hosts (NEW, ACTIVE, FIXED, REOPENED) and history information. Normalized data is completely independent of scan results and option profiles, as shown in the diagram below.

The Qualys database stores automatic data for VM scanned hosts. For each of these hosts there can be multiple detection records.

What is a VM Scanned Host? A VM scanned host is a host that has been successfully scanned by the Qualys VM service for vulnerabilities. Note that a host is considered successfully scanned when it was included as a scan target, the scan was launched and it completed successfully.

What is a Detection Record? A detection record is a unique instance of a discovered vulnerability for a given host. It identifies the host IP address, QID, port, service, FQDN and SSL flag (whether the vulnerability was detected over SSL).