All About Asset Groups

Asset groups are logical groups of host assets, domain assets, and scanner appliances (if applicable). Asset groups can be based on importance, priority, location, or ownership. Flexible configuration allows granular grouping for ease of administration.

Using asset groups makes scanning, mapping, and reporting more efficient. You can scan and map a group repeatedly and know that the same IPs and domains are included every time. Scanning your entire network can be cumbersome and is not recommended. By organizing assets into subsections of your network, you can limit the scope of the scan target, making the results and remediation tasks more manageable. Asset groups provide flexibility, allowing for cases where the same assets may be defined in multiple groups having different business priorities.

Assets can be shared in multiple groups or kept separate. In the example below, assets were organized based on geographical location. The USA group contains assets in both the West Coast and East Coast groups, but the West Coast and East Coast groups do not share assets. You may assign the USA group to users who need visibility into results generated across all assets, and assign the West Coast and East Coast groups to users who should only focus on assets in their respective locations.


Sample showing asset groups organized by geographical location