Set Up Nginx Authentication

Each Nginx record identifies Unix Configuration information and target hosts (IPs).

Which technologies are supported?

For the most current list of supported authentication technologies and the versions that have been certified for VM and PC by record type, please refer to the following article: 

Authentication Technologies Matrix


- Go to Scans > Authentication.

- Check that you already have a Unix record defined for each host running database instances.

- Create an Nginx record for the application instance. Go to New > Applications > Nginx.

Note: If the Network Support feature is enabled, then the Unix record must have the same network selected as the Nginx record.

Enter the Base path and Configuration file path of Nginx on your Unix hosts. The configuration file must be in the same location for all hosts (IPs) in this record. If different, create another record.

The Prefix Path is an optional parameter.

Select the IP addresses for the Nginx servers that the scanning engine should log into.

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