Set Up Scan Checkpoint MDS with Expert Mode

MDS is designed for organizations that manage multiple security domains or environments. It allows network administrators to manage and control multiple Check Point security domains from a single management console such as Centralized management, Segregation of environments, and Resource optimization.

Expert Mode Shell

- Expert mode is an advanced CLI mode that provides access to a broader range of commands and capabilities. 

- It is intended for more experienced administrators or engineers who require greater control and flexibility over the device's configuration and management.

- In Expert mode, you have access to low-level system settings, advanced debugging tools, and a wider range of troubleshooting commands.

- The Expert mode allows administrators to perform tasks that may not be available or limited in Gaia Clish.

- The Expert mode password protects the Expert shell against unapproved access.

Note: There is no default password for the Expert mode. You must configure a password for the Expert mode before you can use it.

Syntax to Configure an Expert Mode Password in Plain Text

set expert-password

Important: You must run save config to set the new Expert password permanently.

For low-level configuration, use the more permissive Expert mode shell.

- To enter the Expert shell, run: expert

- To exit from the Expert shell and return to Gaia Clish, run: exit

CheckPoint MDS Authentication at UI Level

For checkpoint MDS, we reuse the same auth record as the checkpoint firewall. and the required scan user privilege is the same as the checkpoint firewall.

Authentication->New→Network and Security→Checkpoint Firewall→Edit Checkpoint Firewall Record

Please refer to the following article for checkpoint firewall authentication record:

Set Up Checkpoint Firewall Authentication