CA Access Control Vault

A CA Access Control vault is where you provide us with the login credentials needed to access your CA Access Control Enterprise Management installation (version 12.6 or later).


Important - CA Access Control Vault is End of Life (EOL) 

Please use one of our other supported password vaults. Refer to the CA Access Control Vault EOL Notification for more details.





Example web services URLs:

Example web management URLs:


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Tell me about SSL certification validationTell me about SSL certification validation

Qualys scanners will verify the SSL certificate of the web server to make sure the certificate is valid and trusted, unless you clear (un-check) the SSL Verify option. You may want to clear this option to skip SSL verification if the certificate was not issued by a well-known certification authority (CA) or if the certificate is self-signed. (Note: The SSL Verify option is only available when the URL entered uses HTTPS.)