How to create a Windows Domain Account

We recommend you create a dedicated account for use with our security service. These steps describe how to create a domain account for Windows host authentication.

What are the steps?

1) Log into the Domain Controller with an account that has administrator rights.

2) Open the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in.

3) Create a new user called "qualys_scanner" (or something similar). Please do not use "qualys" for your user account name as this account is reserved for use by Qualys and may get locked out during scanning.

4) Select the "qualys_scanner" user and go to Properties (Action > Properties).

5) In the Properties window, go to the "Member Of" tab. Click Add to add the "qualys_scanner" user to the "Domain Admins" group. Click OK to save the change.

What else do I need to do?

1) Configure group policy settings to grant the account certain privileges. Learn more

2) Verify the functionality of the account before using it for trusted scanning. Learn more

Are you using a Windows NT domain?

If yes, please see Windows NT Domains for help setting up your domain account.