Business Unit: Options When Adding Users

When you add users to an existing business unit, there are some additional options that appear to assist you with transferring the user's personal configurations and asset groups to their new business unit.


If the business unit does not already have a primary contact then you'll see this option. Select one of the users being added to the business unit to be the primary contact. If the selected user is not already a Unit Manager, then the user will be promoted to a Unit Manager role automatically.

Can I change the primary contact later?Can I change the primary contact later?

Yes, go to Users > Setup > Primary Contact to select a different Unit Manager in the business unit to be the primary contact.

You'll be prompted to choose whether you want to allow the user to keep their configurations and asset groups.

1) Personal configurations - If you do not move a user's personal configurations, they will be deleted. Personal configurations include report templates, option profiles, scheduled scans, scheduled reports and search lists. If you transfer the user's configurations without also moving their asset groups, then report templates, scheduled scans and scheduled reports may need to be modified to reference a new target.

2) Asset Groups - You may allow users to continue to have access to the asset groups from their old business unit.

Asset groups created by Managers will be added to the new business unit without change. The Manager will continue to own the asset group.

Asset groups created by Unit Managers will be copied to the new business unit and renamed. The asset group name for the copied version will be appended with a number. For example, a group called "California" will be renamed "California 1" in the user's new business unit and stay "California" in the user's old business unit. The asset group "California 1" will be owned by the primary contact for the subscription.

Personal asset groups will be added to the user's new business unit without change, and the user will continue to own them.

You can assign asset groups to newly added Scanners and Readers. Simply select the asset groups you want to assign to the users from the Available Asset Groups list. (Tip: You can wait and assign asset groups to users later. Edit each user's account individually from the user accounts list to assign asset groups.)