Dashboard Setup

The Classic VM Dashboard can be customized in multiple ways. Click the Configure link on your Classic VM Dashboard then make the following configuration settings.

Vulnerabilities by Severity Level

Your selections tell us which severity levels to include in the "Vulnerabilities by severity" graph. You can choose to include vulnerabilities and/or potential vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities by Status

Your selections tell us which vulnerability counts to display. By default, counts are shown for New, Active and Reopened vulnerabilities. Clear a status level check box to show "0" on the dashboard for that status level.

Top 10 Vulnerabilities

Your selection tells us which 10 vulnerabilities to include in the "Top 10 vulnerabilities" list. Your options are: the top 10 external vulnerabilities determined by Qualys, the top 10 internal vulnerabilities determined by Qualys, or a custom list of 10 vulnerabilities.

Most Vulnerable Hosts

Your selections tell us which hosts should be considered for the "Most vulnerable hosts" list. Set the minimum business impact level, the minimum security risk (the highest severity level detected on the host), and the timeframe in which the host was last scanned (up to 30 days).