Manage Your Domains

How do I add domains?

Tell me about the None domain

Want to delete a domain?

Tell me about the Whois option

Which users have add domain privileges?

Note for Unit Managers

Formats for domains and netblocks


How do I add domains?

Go to VM/VMDR > Assets > Domains to view the domain assets in your account. Add new domains from the New menu.

Want to delete a domain?

(Managers only) Go to VM/VMDR > Assets > Domains, identify the network/domain you want to delete and select Delete from the Quick Actions menu. Tip - Be sure to pick the domain from the correct network since the same domain may appear in multiple networks.

Which users have add domain privileges?

Managers have privileges to add domains to the subscription. Unit Managers may be granted permission to add domains (add assets permission in user account settings). When Unit Managers add domains, the domains are added to an asset group in the user's business unit. Important: Unit Managers can only add domains that are not already in the subscription. If a domain exists in the subscription but not in the user's business unit, then a Unit Manager cannot add it.

Show me different formats for domains and netblocks

Domains may be entered in any of the following formats:


Enter AS


List of domains (or FQDNs)

domain1, domain2, ...,

Domain with netblock (the netblock may be entered as an IP range or in CIDR format)



This range will automatically be converted and saved as the following:

Domain with multiple netblocks

domain:[netblock1, netblock2, ...][,]

No domain; netblocks only

none:[netblock1, netblock2, ...]


Tell me about the None domain

Each account may include one None domain, which is a special domain used to map IPs/ranges not associated with a registered domain name. Make sure the None domain includes all IPs you want to map. Simply edit the None domain whenever you need to add more IPs. Learn more

Add the None domain using this format:


For example, you might enter the following:


Tell me about the Whois option

Use the Whois option to perform a Whois lookup on a domain name. The Whois public server contains registration information for domain names and IP addresses.

Note for Unit Managers

If you are a Unit Manager, then you must add the new domain to an asset group that you've been assigned. Once added, new domains are available in your business unit. New domains are also available to Managers for inclusion in other business units and asset groups.