Configure Approved Hosts

Configure a list of hosts that are approved for an individual domain. Approved hosts are identified in map reports. You can run the Unknown Device Report to compare the saved map results to the approved hosts list to detect rogue devices.

Follow these steps:

1) Go to VM/VMDR > Assets > Domains.

2) Select the domain for which the changes are to be made.

3) In the Domain column, select the Quick Actions list > Info.

4) In the Domain Information window, click Edit.

5) Under Approved Hosts, click Configure. Enter or select the IPs to be approved for the domain and click OK. The list of approved hosts is updated.

Host IPs can also be added using an asset group or a saved map. When IPs are added using a saved map, all IPs for devices, such as laptops, routers, and servers, that are identified in the map are included.

All users can add approved hosts for their specific domain. These approved hosts are visible only to the user who has added them.

A parallel process is valid for Unit Managers, with one exception - if a Unit Manager approves a host, the approved host is then visible to all other Unit Managers from the same Business Unit (BU).

Furthermore, if a Manager approves a host, then the approved host is visible to all other Managers.