Domain Information

By launching a map on a domain in your account, the service tells you what your network looks like and gives you a mapping of your devices. To view information on a domain in your account, go to VM/VMDR > Assets > Domains, hover over a domain name and then select Info from the Quick Actions menu.

What are netblocks?

One or more netblocks (IPs and IP ranges) may be associated with a domain, although netblocks are not a required part of the domain specification. Edit the domain if you want to add or edit netblocks associated with the domain.

What are approved hosts?

These are hosts that have been added to the customized approved hosts list for this domain. When defined, approved hosts are identified in map reports. Users can also run the Unknown Device Report to compare saved map results to the approved hosts list for a domain. This report is useful for detecting rogue devices that may have been placed on your network without authorization. Edit the domain to add or edit the approved hosts list.

Where do the Comments come from?

User-defined comments may be defined for the approved hosts list. To add or change comments, edit the domain and click Configure under Approved Hosts. Then enter comments in the field provided.