Review Your Ports and Services

Computer attackers look in target organizations for vulnerable versions of software that can be remotely exploited. We'll show you which ports and services are installed in your environment through an easy to search inventory.

Just go to VM/VMDR > Assets > Ports/Services. Newly discovered ports and services are added automatically to the inventory as new scan results become available in your account.

Perform search and download results

Enter a search value. Then click Search to update the data list with your results or click Download CSV to get your results in a CSV report. If you click Download CSV without entering a search value you'll get the full list.

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Why don't I see any ports/services listed?Why don't I see any ports/services listed?

Be sure to run vulnerability scans on the hosts you would like to track in the inventory of ports/services. Your inventory will be populated after the scan status is "Finished" and the scan processing status is "Processed".

Why don't I see the Ports/Services tab?Why don't I see the Ports/Services tab?

The New Data Security Model must be enabled for the subscription in order for you to see the ports/services inventory for your hosts. A Manager can enable the New Data Security Model by going to Users > Setup > Security. Be sure to run new scans after enabling the New Data Security Model.

How do I search by port number?How do I search by port number?

To find all hosts with TCP port 80, enter "tcp/80" into the Search field at the top of the page. Enter "80" by itself to find all ports that contain 80 like 8008, 1801, 8080, 80, etc.