Batch Edit Hosts

The batch edit feature allows you to edit multiple hosts at one time. Whenever host information is edited, the action is logged in the host's action log with the name of the user who performed the action and a time stamp for when the action took place.

Go to Assets > Host Assets. Select the check box next to each host you want to change and then select Edit from the Actions menu.

Edit host attributes

Select the check box next to each host attribute you want to change and enter a value in the field provided or select from the available drop-down menu. The specified value will be set for all hosts in the batch edit, overriding any previously set values. The value is set to NULL if you select a check box and then leave the field blank.

Tell me about tracking methodTell me about tracking method

The assigned tracking method determines how the host will be reported in scan reports. Learn more

Tell me about the ownerTell me about the owner

The owner assumes responsibility for the host. When creating remediation policies and manual tickets, users have the option to automatically assign tickets to the owner.

Tell me about host attributesTell me about host attributes

Provide values for the three user-defined host attributes. Attribute names are initially Location, Function and Asset Tag. Attribute names may have been customized by Managers under Assets > Setup > Host Attributes.

Note for Unit ManagersNote for Unit Managers

If you arrive on the Batch Edit Hosts page through a workflow action, such as by selecting hosts in your map results and clicking Edit, then there is a chance that some of the selected hosts are new to your account. Select an asset group from the Assigned Groups menu to specify which group the new hosts should be added to. Once added, new IPs are available in your business unit. New IPs are also available to Managers for inclusion in other business units and asset groups.