Map Results Email Notification

How do I enable email notifications?

Select User Profile below your user name (in the top right corner). Go to Options to select the email notifications you want to receive.

What is included in the email?

The map task summary section appears at the top of the email notification, giving you key information about the map task for your reference. This section includes details like the map title, start date and time, how long the map was running, the number of hosts detected (hosts found), the option profile applied to the task and the user who launched the map. Note that the number of hosts found may include hosts that were not active at the time of the discovery and were solely detected via a DNS discovery method.

Understanding Trend Information

Trend information is expressed as a value representing the difference in the number of hosts found as compared to the previous discovery on the same domain, and a symbol identifying the trend direction.

The service compares the number of hosts found in the current map to the last finished map for the target domain. Only maps with a status of "Finished" are used when calculating trend information. When a netblock is included as part of the map target, the number of hosts found may increase significantly. The netblock specification is not taken into consideration when the trend is calculated. Thus, the trend will be affected if different netblocks were specified in the maps being compared.

View Your Map Results

Click the link provided at the end of the email notification to view the map results.