The FDCC is a security configuration policy developed for use on non-classified government systems.


Specification: http://fdcc.nist.gov/


Tell me about FDCC versioningTell me about FDCC versioning

The FDCC versioning scheme is w.x.y.z, where:

w = The configuration settings major number. If there are changes to the configuration settings, the major number is revised upward.

x = Correction in either XDDCF or OVAL, but does not indicate configuration setting changes, nor does it communicate versions of XCCDF or OVAL. Corrections can also include the addition of previously manual checks that are now automated.

y = OVAL version, where 0=5.4, 1=5.3, 2=5.5, 3=5.6, and so on.

z = XCCDF version, where 0=1.1.4, 1=1.1.5, 2=1.1.6, 3=1.2, and so on.