TestResult Element (SCAP Policy Report)

The TestResult element lists the areas of the XCCDF specification that have been constrained for use with the SCAP profile.


benchmark is the benchmark for which the TestResult records results. The "href" attribute gives the URI of the benchmark XCCDF document.

identity gives about this system identity during application of the benchmark: whether the identity was authenticated, whether the identity was granted administrative or other special privileges.

organization contains the name of the organization, agency, department or other identity responsible for the results. The company name associated with your subscription is listed by default.

profile is the benchmark profile used in applying a benchmark.

test-system identifies the tool used for scanning. This string is returned by the SCAP application "QualysGuard SCAP Scanner".


ident contains the CCE ID. The "system" attribute references the CCE URI: http://cce.mitre.org/

remark contains a textual remark about the test result. This remark is returned: "No exception found."

score contains the weighted score for the SCAP policy (a benchmark test), as a real number. The SCAP app implements the default (XCCDF Version 1) scoring model. This URI appears as the value of the system attribute to indicate the default scoring model is used: urn:xccdf:scoring:default