Scan Complete Email for SCAP Scans

You'll receive a scan complete email for SCAP scans when this option is enabled for your account.

How do I enable email notifications?

Select User Profile below your user name (in the top right corner). Go to Options to select the email notifications you want to receive.

What's included in the email?

The Scan Summary section appears at the top of the scan complete notification, giving you key information about the scan task for your reference. Scan Summary details include the scan title, start date and time, scan duration, the SCAP policy selected for the scan, the SCAP profile evaluated by the scan, the compliance profile applied to the scan task, the total number of hosts scanned and the number of active hosts (hosts up and running at the time of the scan).

Tell me about the Next Action

The "Next Action" displayed is None if the scan finished and no action is required. If the scan was paused by a user, then it must be resumed manually from the scan history list within 30 days of the initial launch date or it will be canceled. For a paused scan that will be resumed automatically, the date and time for the resume action is listed.

How do I view the scan results

Click the link provided at the end of the scan complete notification to view the scan results.

The scan results provide general information about the scan task, a list of hosts that were scanned and not scanned, and preferences set in the compliance profile applied to the scan. Use the reporting feature to generate specialized compliance reports based on the SCAP scan data to determine whether hosts are compliant with user-defined policies.