SCAP Scan Results

SCAP scan results include basic information about the scan. Once you have scan results, you're ready to create SCAP compliance reports to determine compliance with your policy.

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Tell me about scan statusTell me about scan status

A SCAP scan status report is displayed each time you launch a scan. Learn more

Tell me about scan errorsTell me about scan errors

The Scan Errors section displays any scan errors returned by the scanning engine. For example, the scanning engine will report an error if the SCAP policy had an OVAL Compliance Definitions file that did not pass Schema validation.

Sample A: OVAL Compliance Definitions file did not pass Schema validation.

OVAL:Error while parsing xml file: Severity: Fatal Error Message: An exception occurred! Type:UTFDataFormatException, Message:invalid byte 1 (�) of a 1-byte sequence. File: /tmp/qscap_fdcc_XXGEku9z Line 1 At char 39

Sample B: SCAP content not updated correctly on the scanner appliance. Please contact support for assistance with resolving this issue.

KATANA:XML:PREFS: error[No such file or directory] while stating file '/usr/local/qualys/QSCAP-1.1.37-1/../qscap_fdcc/md5//f372c9e25a86abb48bdbe41e522047ef'. Possibly referring to missing SCAP content.

How do I create reports?How do I create reports?

Specialized SCAP compliance reports are available to show whether your scanned hosts are meeting requirements defined in SCAP policies. Learn more