User-Defined Controls - Reporting Options

We'll report the compliance status (Passed, Failed, or Error) for each control instance in your compliance reports and on your PC dashboard. The status Error is returned in cases where errors occurred during control evaluation. This means the control was not tested for compliance. If you do not want to see the Error status, then choose from these reporting options in the UDC.

Where do I set up user-defined controls?Where do I set up user-defined controls?

Go to PC > Policies > Controls. Create a new control from the New menu or find and edit an existing control in your list. These reporting options appear only for user defined controls.

Ignore errors and set status Passed

This option allows you to show a status of Passed instead of Error. When selected, we'll mark control instances as Passed in cases where errors occur during control evaluation.

Tip - The Ignore errors setting is not applied to controls that return the "item not found" error. Those controls will be evaluated according to your policy and status will be set to Passed or Failed (see below).

Ignore "item not found" error and set status

Note - This option does not appear for all control types.

This option allows you to show a status of Passed or Failed in cases where a control returns error code 2 "item not found" (e.g. scan did not find file, registry, or related data, as appropriate for the control type). When selected, we’ll add a check box to the control in the policy where you’ll set the status you prefer: Passed or Failed.

What are the steps?What are the steps?

1) Edit your control and choose the option: Ignore "item not found" error and set status.

2) Edit your policy and drill down into the control details. You'll see a check box where you can set the status you'd like to return - Passed (the default) or Failed.