Tell me about the Control Pass/Fail Report

The Control Pass/Fail interactive report shows you the compliance status for the selected controls (maximum 25). Interactive reports are not saved to your reports list.

Note: Policy Compliance Interactive Reports are not supported in SCA only subscriptions. PC is required to run these reports.


Note: When selecting the control(s) for a policy you can select a maximum of 25 controls.

Hosts included in the report are listed with a compliance status (posture) and control ID for the specified control.

Click on any row in the Results to see specific scan results and evidence for the control, including the Expected value (set in the policy) and the Actual value (returned by the most recent scan) for the control on the host. 

Possible values are:

Passed - The expected value for the control matches the actual value returned during the last compliance scan on the host.

Failed - The expected value for the control does not match the actual value returned during the last compliance scan on the host.

PassedE - The host is exempt from the control. This means that an exception was requested and accepted for the control on the host.

Error - An error occurred during control evaluation on the host. (Tip - Reporting options in user defined control settings allow you to ignore errors and show a different status.)

Select the Request link in the Exception column for a single host that requires an exception. To include multiple hosts in your request, select the check box next to each host in the results and then click the Request Exception button at the top of the report. You'll need to assign the exceptions to a user and provide comments.

This appears next to deprecated controls. A workflow is provided in the Policy Editor for replacing deprecated controls.

Select the Setup Pane option from the View menu to choose another control to report on or change report settings. You can also show/hide the Preview Pane.

You can go back to the Policy Summary at any time to choose a different control to report on. Note that you won't have the option to change report settings from within the report or view the Setup Pane.