Compliance Scan Results

Compliance scan results show you basic information about the scan. To determine whether hosts are compliant with user-defined policies, create specialized compliance reports (template based and interactive) based on compliance scan data.

How do I view scan results?

Go to PC > Scans > PC Scans, hover over a scan and choose View from the Quick Actions menu. You'll see the scan results if the scan status is "Finished". If the scan is in progress, you'll see the latest information about your scan in the status window.

What's in the compliance report?

The Report Summary shows general information about the compliance scan and results, including the number of hosts alive at the time of the scan (Active Hosts), the number of hosts included in the scan target (Total Hosts), the scan reference number, the scanner appliances used, and the compliance profile (click the profile title to view the settings in the Appendix section).

The appendix provides additional information about the compliance scan, including a list of hosts that were scanned and not scanned, and the preferences set in the compliance profile applied to the scan task.

Can I get scan results in XML format?

Sure, you can download scan results in multiple formats including XML. Scan results in XML: Qualys API (VM, PC) User Guide PDF Icon

Note: Different formats serve distinct purposes, allowing you to create reports tailored to specific needs. For instance, PDF format is intended for reviewing and reading, while CSV format is intended for feeding scan data into downstream applications. As a result, there may be variations in the data and its presentation across these different formats.