Scan Complete Email for Web Application Scans

The Scan Complete email notification applies to web application scans launched from the WAS application.

How do I enable email notifications?

Select User Profile below your user name (in the top right corner). Go to Options to select the email notifications you want to receive.

What is included in the email?

The scan complete email informs you about vulnerabilities detected, information gathered, and sensitive contents detected.

How many links were scanned by the service?

The Scan Statistics section tells you the number of links crawled as well as the number of detections for vulnerabilities, sensitive contents and information gathered.

What are sensitive contents?

These are detections based on sensitive content settings in the option profile used for the scan. Sensitive contents may be detected based on credit card numbers, social security numbers (US format) and custom string matches. If this feature is not configured, you will not see sensitive contents in your scan statistics.

Will I see trending information?

You'll see trending information for vulnerabilities and sensitive contents if there is a previous scan of the same web application using the same authentication profile.