Scan Check Point with Gaia Clish

Types of shell in Check Point:

Expert Mode Shell:

Non-Expert Mode Shell (Gaia Clish):

Difference Between GAiA CLI and Expert Mode


Gaia Clish

Expert Mode


Simplified management tasks

Advanced configuration and control

Command Set

The limited set of commands

The comprehensive range of commands

User Experience

Easier to understand and use

Requires more knowledge and expertise


Lower risk of causing harm

Higher risk if used incorrectly

Recommended Use

Common configuration tasks

Experienced administrators or engineers

Access Level

Limited system settings

Full access to low-level configurations


Basic monitoring and debug tools

Advanced troubleshooting commands


CheckPoint Firewall(Non-Expert Mode) Auth on the UI:

Authentication->New>Operating System>New Unix Record>select target_type as Checkpoint Firewall with Gaia Clish Shell (PC).

Check Point Firewall on the UI.