Editing Tickets

You can edit one or more tickets to change ticket state, reassign tickets, add comments or delete tickets. Go to Remediation > Tickets. Edit a single ticket by selecting Edit from the Quick Actions menu. Edit tickets in bulk by selecting tickets in the list and choosing Edit from the Actions menu (above the list).

Changing the ticket state

These are possible options depending on the ticket's current state and your user role. The Close-Ignore option may not be available to Scanners and Readers, depending on subscription settings. Managers can set global remediation options by going to Remediation > Setup > Remediation.

Resolve - Select if you've fixed vulnerabilities; the service will verify your fix during the next scan.

Close-Ignore - Select if you do not plan to fix the vulnerabilities.

Reopen - Select to reopen a ticket that was previously closed/ignored.

Reassign the ticket to another user

What if I assign tickets to the "Asset Owner" but there isn't one?

If the hosts have not been assigned owners, then the tickets will be assigned to you, the person editing the tickets. Managers and Unit Managers can assign owners to hosts by editing host information (under Assets > Host Assets).

Reopen a ticket that was Closed/Ignored


After the vulnerability mentioned in a Closed/Ignored ticket is fixed and the fix is verified by the service in the subsequent scan, the ticket state is changed automatically from Closed/Ignored to Closed/Fixed. 

You can choose to reopen a Closed/Ignored ticket automatically or not to reopen it by using either of the following options: 

Reopen in N days - This option lets you reopen a ticket automatically in a set number of days. When choosing this option, do NOT select Reopen from the Actions menu. When the due date is reached, the ticket state is changed from Closed/Ignored to Open automatically, assuming the issue still exists, and the ticket is marked as overdue. If the issue was resolved at some point while the ticket was in the Closed/Ignored state, then the ticket state is changed from Closed/Ignored to Closed/Fixed.

Do not reopen tickets - Select if you don't want to reopen tickets automatically. Tickets will remain in Closed/Ignored state until manually reopened by a user or until the related vulnerabilities mentioned in those tickets are fixed. After the vulnerabilities are fixed, the state changes automatically from Closed/Ignored to Closed/ Fixed. 

(You can manually reopen a ticket by selecting Reopen from the Action menu.)