Use Case - Filter Out MS Service Pack QIDs

Let's say you want to create a patch report of Microsoft vulnerabilities but you want to filter out service pack QIDs because you're not authorized to install service packs in your organization.

Here's how you do it:

Use the "Selective Vulnerability Reporting" section in your patch report template to tell us the Microsoft detections you want to find patches for. Select "Custom" and add a search list for the vendor Microsoft. Tip - You can import the "Microsoft Vulnerabilities v.1" search list from the Library.

Next use the "Selective Patch Reporting" section to tell us the patches you are authorized to apply. This section determines which QIDs will show up in your report as recommended patches. In this example, since you're not authorized to install service pack QIDs you want to filter them out. Select "Exclude Patch QIDs" and add a search list with the service pack QIDs.

The next time you run this template you'll get recommended patches for Microsoft detections, but not the service pack QIDs.