Your Executive Remediation Report

This report provides a high-level view of current tickets and ticket state changes over the past 12 weeks.

Which tickets are included in the report?

Reports generated by Managers on the "All" group include all tickets in the subscription, including tickets with invalid IPs and users (tickets that appear grayed out on the tickets list). Reports generated by Scanners and Readers only include tickets for hosts assigned to them.

Tell me about the average resolution

This is the average number of days it took for tickets to be closed. When calculating the average we include 1) tickets that moved directly from Open to Closed state by the service, and 2) tickets that were previously marked Resolved (by a user) and are now marked Closed/Fixed.

How to change the report settings

Go to File > Edit from within the report to change report settings, including the report target and the type of tickets included.