Viewing Report Storage Information

Each subscription is allocated a certain amount of disk space for storing report data when Report Share is enabled. Managers can view storage information for the subscription. All users can view storage information for their own accounts.

Subscription Storage Information

Managers can view the total amount of storage allocated for the subscription on the Report Share Setup page (Reports > Setup > Report Share). The Statistics section shows the total amount of storage allocated for the subscription, the amount of storage currently being used in the subscription, and the amount of free space.

On the Report Share Setup page, Managers also specify a user storage limit. The user storage limit determines the maximum amount of report data that each user may save. The user storage limit applies to all users in the subscription, including Managers.

Your Storage Information

Each user can view their personal storage information on the Account Info page (Help > Account Info). To view your storage information, go to the Account Info page and expand the Summary section. Under Report Share, you'll see your storage limit and the amount of free space that you have remaining. The user storage limit is defined by Managers for the subscription.

Storage Usage by User

A column on the users list (go to Users > User Accounts) shows disk space usage by user. For each user, the Disk Space column shows the amount of disk space the user is currently using. This number will change as reports are added and removed from Report Share.