How to Enable SCAP on Scanner Appliances

A scanner appliance must have the SCAP scanning option enabled in order to perform SCAP scans.


1) Your scanner appliance must be running Scanner Appliance software version 2.4 or later. We recommend you check the version. Go to Scans > Appliances, hover over the appliance and select Info from the menu. Go to the Versions section. Under Software Installed Version you'll see the current software version running on your appliance. If you are not running version 2.4 or later, please be sure your appliance is properly configured and connects to the cloud platform so that it will receive the software updates.

2) Be sure that SCAP is enabled for your subscription. Go to Help > Account Info. When SCAP is enabled you'll see the SCAP Summary section.

Select "Enable SCAP" for your appliance

Managers can enable SCAP for a scanner appliance. Go to Scans > Appliances and edit the scanner appliance want to use for SCAP scans. Under Scanner Options, select the Enable SCAP check box. Be sure to save your changes.